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Archive for April, 2009

Preventing Yeast Infections

Preventing yeast infections are a priority for some women as 5% of women suffer from chronic Candida overgrowth, and this overgrowth can seriously damage your good health. What a good number of women don’t understand is, the fact that their body is entirely capable of preventing fungal infections itself if you keep your natural defenses […]

Natural Yeast Infection Remedies

Natural yeast infection remedies are now used by more women because they work with their body instead of against it. A natural yeast cure enhances your body’s ability to stop the Candida yeast mutating into an aggressive fungus. Until your body can do this then no cure will successfully treat your Candida overgrowth. Why drugs […]

Avoiding Yeast Infections

Avoiding yeast infections is something a lot more women have to do now. Knowing what is causing your infections is the first step to avoiding them. Most women don’t understand what is causing their infections and why, but gaining this knowledge can completely change your health for the better. Antibiotics use Antibiotics use is the […]

Recurring Yeast Infections

Recurring yeast infections are now a problem for a lot of women worldwide. No one enjoys one yeast infection, and it is completely unnecessary to suffer from more then one if you treat it correctly. The reason why you and every other recurrent yeast infection sufferer can’t cure themselves is because you’re still trying to […]

Can You Use Miconazole While On Antibiotics

Can you use Miconazole ( brand name Monistat ) while on antibiotics? You can if you want to, but this is not the way to prevent a yeast infection while you’re on antibiotics. Only your body’s natural defenses can do that. Any drugs you take or creams you apply will just create a yeast infection […]