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4 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Intestinal Health

With these 4 simple ways to optimize your intestinal health you can live a much more energetic life to the full. Intestinal health isn’t just about preventing a yeast infection or naturally curing a yeast infection. Good intestinal health will allow you to lead a life full of vitality and well being.If you feel run down or are lacking the energy you use to have them maybe you need to change your eating habits. Many people fail to realize they are what they eat so the more nutrition you put into your body, the better it will run.

More fiber in your diet

Eating more fiber keeps your bowels moving more frequently. This allows your body to expel more toxins on a regular basis. The Candida yeast loves people with constipation so it can stay in your bowel longer, and populate, and start to penetrate your intestinal walls.

Eating more fiber also prevents mucoid plaque from developing. This is a sticky substance that attaches itself to your bowel walls, and is a home for parasites, worms and Candida. Mucoid plaque prevents your intestines from absorbing nutrients from your food.


Probiotics are more essential to the health of the intestines than a lot of people think they are. Probiotics are your major defense against Candida, parasites and micro-organisms that shouldn’t be there. If your beneficial bacteria becomes unable to defend your intestines from these intestinal aliens then they start to take over. This is where other symptoms start to appear associated with a yeast infection and candidiasis.

Good sources of probiotics come in tablet and capsule form or powdered form. These types of probiotics contain much stronger strains of friendly bacteria than yogurt. They survive their journey past your stomach acid and are able to attach themselves to your intestinal walls.

Biobeads do a good quality probiotic here which comes in a vial form. It’s triple layered so it gets the beneficial bacteria where your body needs it most.

An excellent powdered probiotic is Threelac which is popular all over the world. It has a lemon taste, and has three hard strains of beneficial bacteria that feed on other micro-organisms.

Probiotics help keep your intestines clean, and aid in food digestion so then you can absorb more nutrients from the food you eat.

Eat less sugar

If you’re familiar with an anti-candida diet then you’ll know that sugar is Candida’s favorite food. Sugar has not one health benefit, and will just feed unfriendly bacteria, and helps you to put on weight.

Raw foods

Living raw foods are getting more popular now. There are even restaurants that specialize in raw foods because of the nutritional benefits that raw food gives you. Raw food is full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients.

Eating more raw foods like fruit and live sprouts aid your digestion because of the enzymes present in them. This gives your digestive process less to do because the food practically digests itself.

Live healthier

Your life will become a life filled with more energy and vitality with these simple steps to optimize your intestinal health.

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