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A Blog For Inspiration

While surfing the internet today I came across a blog owned by a lady named Vilma Perez. Vilma has created a blog called VP Health And Fitness, and is a blog based on her personal dedication to her own health and fitness.

Her photos

Vilma has even posted photos of herself so that you can follow her progress in her journey to get into the shape she eventually want’s to be in. You can view her photos here.

Vilma’s dedication

The beauty of Vilma’s blog is you can see her dedication right in front of you, and when you read her blog and see her photographs it is definitely inspiring. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, you need dedication to see it through.

It’s the same if you’re about to start an anti Candida protocol. You need dedication, and sometimes even encouragement from other family members. It’s hard at first to make any adjustments to your lifestyle especially if it involves food, and cutting out the foods that you have enjoyed for years.

For a good read ( if you’re interested in health and fitness ) visit Vilma’s blog here.

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