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A Yeast Infection After Taking Antibiotics

A yeast infection when, or after taking antibiotics is a problem for women that is becoming more common all the time. There are two main reasons why antibiotics cause yeast infections, and they’re explained below.

Your friendly bacteria

During a course of antibiotics your body’s population of friendly bacteria are killed off along with the bacteria the antibiotics are there to kill. This leaves your body open to any type of bacterial or fungal infection because friendly, beneficial bacteria are in and on your body as a defense against these infection causing organisms.

Yeast infections are caused by a strain of bacteria called Candida Albicans. We all have these living in our bodies from an early age, but they are kept under control by the friendly bacteria that we have in our intestines and on our skin. If the Candida repopulate faster than the friendly bacteria after the course of antibiotics has finished then they can start causing problems.

If the Candida populates too much it will completely take over and mutate into an aggressive fungus. This aggressive fungus will feed on your skin cells and this is when you start experiencing the itching and burning associated with a yeast infection.

Your immune system

Your friendly bacteria are also needed to keep your immune system strong. A strong immune system can fight off infections when your body’s other defenses are low. If you’ve taken antibiotics a lot in the past then your body will start relying on them to fight off all infections as your immune system will naturally give up because it expects you to take something for the infection.

What you can do

If you’ve gotten a yeast infection because of the overuse of antibiotics and you don’t want to effect your body’s natural bacterial and chemical balance with more drugs then there is a successful natural yeast infection program you can follow. Sarah Summer has successfully helped tens of thousands of chronic yeast infection sufferers rid their bodies of the mutated Candida fungus with the aid of her years of research.

You can read more information here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections

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