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After Treatment,How Long Is It Before Your Symptoms Go Away

Another question first time yeast infection sufferers ask is, “After my treatment, how long is it before the symptoms go away?”

What treatment are you using?

There is no correct answer for this question as all treatments work differently. If your using a natural yeast infection cure you can expect to feel results within 12 hours. This is also the safest way to treat your yeast infection as there are no side effects like what you can experience from drugs or anti fungal medicines.

If you’re using monistat 7 then you’re symptoms should disappear within the 7 days of your treatment. And that’s the same with Monistat 1 and 3.

If you feel relief from your symptoms before your course of treatment is finished then you must still finish the course. These treatments work in the same way as antibiotics, and not finishing the course can create resistant Candida.

If you have symptoms after 7 days

If you’re still suffering from your symptoms after 7 days it’s important to go back and see your doctor. Your doctor can run extra tests to see if you have a health problem that might be causing your recurrent yeast infections.

If you haven’t been to your doctor yet, he/she can make sure that you have been treating a yeast infection and not another bacterial infection.

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