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After Using Monistat How Long To cure Your Yeast Infection

After taking Monistat your yeast infection should be cured within 7 days. This is the case no matter what Monistat you use for your infection. If it hasn’t worked for you please don’t purchse another course of treatment until you have read the article below.

Monistat 1

Monistat 1 is a one time application that is used by people who feel they won’t remember to continue using a treatment that lasts for a few days or a week. You use this once and then you forget about it. You’re infection should be cured within a week. If it isn’t then you need to return to your doctor. Don’t attempt to continually treat your infection without the guidance of a professional because the yeast can quickly become resistant to what you’re using to kill it.

Monistat 3 and monistat 7

Both of these treatments last the amount of days given in their name. If you start to feel better before the given days are up, you must continue to use the treatment until the correct number of days are up. Stopping your treatment early can cause the infection to return, and you can create a resistant yeast that you will have trouble with.

With the Monistat 3 your infection will be cured in 7 days, and it will be cured in 7 days with the 7 day treatment.

If your Monistat hasn’t worked

If you’re monistat hasn’t worked then you must see your doctor. Your doctor is the only person who will know the next course of action. If you haven’t seen your doctor yet they will also test you to see if you have actually been treating a yeast infection. Thousands of women get their own diagnosis wrong even if they’ve suffered from a yeast infection before.

There are other vaginal bacterial infections that have similar symptoms to a yeast infection, but they are far worse, and you risk permanent damage to your reproductive organs if the real infection isn’t treated in time.

Natural yeast infection cure

If you know you definitely have a yeast infection, and anti fungal drugs are not curing you then you could try a natural cure that has helped tens of thousands of women world wide. You can read more about that cure here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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