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Antibiotics Haven’t Cured My Yeast Infection

Because of the ease in which women can now purchase antibiotics online more and more are now attempting to use them to cure their yeast infections. Drug companies now make millions of dollars every year just from people purchasing drugs they don’t need, especially antibiotics.

The biggest cause of yeast infections

Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections, and they should not be used by anyone who has yeast overgrowth already in their body. Taking antibiotics will only make your yeast infection worse, and it will be an infection that becomes very aggressive.

Your intestinal flora

Taking antibiotics upsets the bacterial balance in the intestines, and this makes it easier for the Candida to mutate into a fungus and start causing you problems. You have a colony of friendly bacteria that keep the usually harmless Candida under control and antibiotics kill these friendly bacteria.

Your immune system

Your immune system relies on your friendly bacteria to keep it strong. Friendly bacteria fights off infections as well as helps you get more nutrients from your diet which also strengthen your immunity.

If you’re having trouble

If you’re having trouble curing your yeast infection then you need to find the cause of your infection and start from there. Once you know the cause you can then start strengthening your body’s natural defenses so the yeast can no longer mutate in your body.

Killing the yeast with drugs isn’t the way to rid your body of this health destroying organism. You must strengthen your natural defenses because the yeast lives harmlessly in everyone. It’s only when your natural defenses have been compromised that the yeast can mutate.

Getting the right help

There are hundreds of web sites online where you can get help with your yeast infection, and a lot of these sites will sell you something that is useless in the fight against yeast. Big companies will try to sell you something just like the drug companies do, and most of the time their product doesn’t work.

By far the most popular natural yeast infection program you will find is Sarah Summer’s natural yeast cure. Sarah Summer knows all the causes of yeast overgrowth, and she knows exactly how the yeast survives in your body. This makes her an expert in eliminating it.

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