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Back To Back Yeast Infections

If you’re suffering from back to back yeast infections then you must realize by now that you have to change the way you’re treating them. If you keep on using the sane anti fungal drugs only for your yeast infection to keep on coming back then you’re going to create a drug resistant infection. Then you’ll be suffering from recurrent Candida for the rest of your life, and you’ll be taking expensive anti fungal drugs for the rest of your life just to alleviate your symptoms. Unfortunately this is the unnecessary step a lot of women take.

Why your medication isn’t working

AT the moment you’re using anti fungal drugs and your fungal infections are back to back. The reason for this is because the anti fungal drugs you’re taking are not treating the cause of your infection, they only treat the symptoms. Once you’ve killed the fungus ( which you do every time you use a pill or cream ) the yeast in your body is just mutating into more fungus once your treatment stops.

So to cure your infection you must stop the yeast from mutating. If you go back to your doctor and use a more powerful anti fungal drug then you’ll get the same result. Drugs don’t stop the yeast from mutating, there is no drug that can do that. Only your body has the ability to do that, and at the moment your body has lost that ability, and that is why you’re now suffering from chronic fungal infections.

Yeast and fungal cleanse

To cure your infection you must give your body a complete yeast and fungus cleanse. You can’t completely eliminate the yeast from your body because it enters it every day, but you can cut it’s numbers down because at the moment you have too much yeast in your body. Once you get the yeast low in numbers your immune system can start getting stronger and so can the rest of your body’s natural defenses. You need these to be strong so that your body can stop the yeast from mutating.

Do it on your own or get help

You can do this type of cleanse on your own, or you can get help. Most women that do it on their own end up making their infection worse, and they can be treating themselves for a very long time. Some women just give up and go back to using anti fungal drugs to alleviate their symptoms for the rest of their life.

If you want to stop your back to back yeast infections in the shortest time possible then you should get expert help. You’ll learn all the causes of yeast and fungal overgrowth in the human body, and this is going to help you cure your infections and keep them away for good. Fungus in your body doesn’t just give you an itchy vagina, it destroys your good health.

Sarah Summer has been helping yeast infection sufferers for many years, and her extensive knowledge of yeast and fungus has helped thousands of men and women completely eliminate the fungus from their body. Sarah Can be helping you in the next 15 minutes at Yeast Infection Natural Cure.

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