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Best Probiotic Supplement

We often get asked what the best probiotic supplement is, and our answer is always Threelac.

Why Threelac

Threelac has three strains of friendly bacteria that are tough enough to survive the digestion process, and get themselves to where you body needs them the most. They then attach themselves to the walls of your intestines, and then they start feeding on other micro-organisms.

The cleaning process

When they start feeding this starts to clean your intestinal walls so the Candida that you are starving with your diet get pulled off of the walls where they cause the most damage. This heels your intestines so they start working a lot better. Your digestion improves, and you will absorb more of the nutrients from your food and vitamin supplements.

Improving the effectiveness of threelac

Taking Threelac with other supplements can enhance the effectiveness, and you will feel better a lot faster. Oxylift is a product that puts more oxygen into your blood and intestines so the environment is more favorable to the friendly bacteria.

Another Threelac friendly product is Inulation. The Inulation feeds the Threelac in your intestines so it becomes stronger, and works a lot harder in it’s fight with the Candida.

Treating your candidiasis

Threelac is known worldwide as an effective weapon against yeast infections/candidiasis. If you have Candida overgrowth in your intestines then you need a high quality probiotic, and Threelac is probably the best probiotic supplement you can buy.

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