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Can A Recurring Yeast Infection Cause Problems To Your Body

Someone has asked, “Can a recurring yeast infection cause problems to your body?”

The recurring yeast infection won’t cause any problems to your body, the recurrent yeast infection is a sign there is already a problem with your health. I’ll explain.

Health problem

A recurring yeast infection can be a sign that you are experiencing a health problem that you’re unaware of. This is why it’s very important that you see your doctor so he or she can test you for any health issues or illnesses.

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Diabetes or even HIV/AIDS are two reasons why you can be suffering from recurrent/chronic yeast infections.

Once your doctor has ruled out any health problems, and your immune system is OK then you can start thinking about other reasons why you’re getting recurrent yeast infections.

Intestinal yeast infection

Recurrent yeast infections are also a sign that you have a yeast infection of your intestines. Once you finish your vaginal yeast infection treatment the yeast in your intestines will repopulate your vagina by working it’s way through your digestive tract then your urinary tract.

Once you have a yeast infection of the intestines you need to start an anti Candida protocol in order to cure yourself. All your doctor can do at this point is prescribe you oral anti fungals which will make your infection worse. Why is this?

When you take oral anti fungals they kill all of the bacteria in your body. This then leaves your body with no natural defense against the Candida yeast when it begins to repopulate your intestines. Your body’s beneficial bacteria that is usually present has been killed by the oral anti fungals, and our modern day diet feeds the Candida and not the beneficial bacteria.

Once the Candida is allowed to dominate your intestines it will then mutate into a more aggressive form which grows rhizoids ( hooks ), and the Candida can then attach itself to the walls of your intestines. This makes it harder to rid yourself of this yeast, and is the reason why your beneficial bacteria can longer do their job on their own.

Anti Candida protocol

An anti Candida protocol is the only way to rid your body of the mutated Candida yeast, and at the same time, repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria. Unfortunately you cannot be cured by just killing the Candida yeast.

You can learn more about an anti Candida protocol here at – Curing Your Yeast Infection Naturally here.

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