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Can A Yeast Infection Cause Bloating

Many women ask, “Can a yeast infection cause bloating?” The reason they ask this is bloating ( gas ) is a symptom of a yeast infection but they don’t realize it. Many women don’t realize that the yeast infection in your vagina is connected to what’s going on inside your intestines. If you’re suffering from bloating then you have fungus in your intestines.

If you have fungus in your intestines. then you need to stop the Candida in your body from mutating into more fungus. Just killing the fungus with anti fungal drugs isn’t going to do that, so you need to start a strict anti Candida protocol so that you can eliminate the fungus from your intestines. If you don’t then the fungus will start feeding on the walls of your digestive tract until they become perforated. Get expert help with your intestinal fungus at Natural Yeast Cure.

Bacterial imbalance

Your yeast infection is caused by a bacterial imbalance, and your symptoms start to appear when this imbalance gets more in favor of the Candida Albicans yeast that usually lives harmlessly inside your intestines and vagina, and on your skin.

When you’re bloated with more gas in your stomach than usual this is one of the symptoms of a bacterial imbalance of your intestines. You probably won’t associate this with the itching and soreness of your vagina but these two symptoms are both caused by the same bacteria, Candida Albicans.

A course of antibiotics

The most common cause of a yeast infection is a course of antibiotics. If you have recently finished a course of antibiotics then you can guarantee that this is the cause of your yeast infection. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of bacterial imbalances in women’s vaginas and intestines.

See your doctor

If you haven’t used antibiotics before, and your suffering from the symptoms of a yeast infection then see your doctor, if you haven’t already. Seeing your doctor will give you a correct diagnosis as surfing the internet is no way of diagnosing a yeast infection. Once you have a correct diagnosis you will then know that you have a good chance your yeast infection is causing your bloating.

Recurrent yeast infections

If you start suffering from recurrent yeast infection then this will back up the fact that you have a yeast infection in your intestines. Recurrent vaginal yeast infections are usually caused by an intestinal yeast infection ( candidiasis ) as the Candida yeast living in your intestines continually re-infects your vagina when you stop your yeast infection treatment.

Sarah Summer has helped thousands of women cure their recurrent yeast infections from the root cause. This means they have eliminated the fungus from their whole body and not just their vagina. Sarah Can help you within the next 20 minutes, just visit her site at Natural Yeast Cure, and get your health back to the way it was.

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