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Can An Oral Yeast Infection Give You Heartburn

Can an oral yeast infection give you heartburn? If you’re suffering from oral thrush, and you now suffer from heartburn as well there can be a couple of reasons for this. They are explained below.

Chewing your food

If your mouth thrush is hurting when you eat there could be a chance that you’re not chewing your food properly. If you don’t chew your food at least 30 times your stomach has a harder time digesting your food. When you chew your food you not only break it up into smaller pieces, but your mouth ads enzymes ( salivary amylase ) so the food is easier to digest when it reaches your stomach, and then the acid takes over.

Intestinal yeast

Depending on the cause of your oral yeast infection you could also be suffering from intestinal yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth in your intestines will cause heartburn as the Candida in your intestines fights for the nutrients in your food. Your friendly bacteria in your intestines helps you to digest food, and Candida overgrowth will wipe these friendly/beneficial bacteria out so you can no longer digest your food properly.

Gas in your intestines is also a sign of Candida overgrowth because they are a gas forming fungus.

There is also a possibility of the fungus in your mouth making it’s way into your intestines if your stomach acid isn’t killing all of the fungus being transferred from your mouth when you eat. This is made worse if you’re now taking antacids/indigestion tablets. These heartburn medicines neutralize the acid in your stomach, and then the Candida will survive and infect your intestines.

The cause of your oral yeast infection

Knowing the cause of your oral yeast infection will help you successfully treat yourself. You should go to your doctor first to see if it is health related. If you haven’t been to see your doctor yet it’s a good idea to so you get a proper diagnosis. Dentures that don’t fit properly are another cause of mouth thrush. You will need to see your dentist about this if you think this could be the problem.

Antibiotics use is the biggest cause of Candida overgrowth. If you have recently taken antibiotics then this could be the cause of your problems. Antibiotics use upsets your body’s natural bacterial balance, and also weakens your immune system. Both of these need to be in full working order to prevent any type of yeast infection.

What you can do for your yeast infection

If you suspect you’re now suffering from an internal yeast infection as well as your oral yeast infection you have 2 excellent natural cures that will get your health back to how it once was. No one has to suffer from a yeast infection for very long at all, and attacking the yeast from the inside is the only way to successfully rid your body of this destructive fungus.

The best selling natural yeast infection cure you can buy is Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections. Sarah has by far some of the most extensive knowledge on the Candida yeast, and this knowledge will help you rid your whole body of Candida. You can read more information and what previous customers have to say here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

Another natural cure to rid yeast from your body from the inside is Candidate. This is a herbal Candida cure that kills the fungus and strengthens your immune system. You can read what previous customers have to say, and read more information on Candidate here – Candidate herbal yeast infection cure.

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