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Can I Take Anti Candida Products With Threelac

I got an email from a lady today asking me, “Can I take anti Candida products with threelac?”

The answer is yes. But not at the same time of the day. Taking your anti Candida product at the same time as the Threelac will kill the beneficial bacteria before it has got into your bowel.

Threelac does work as well

While Your anti Candida product is killing your yeast the Threelac will work along the side of it cleaning your intestinal walls and feeding on other small microorganisms.

How to take them both

The threelac should be taken on an empty stomach so it gets into your bowel a lot faster. The best time for this is first thing in the morning when you first get up. Also avoid any hot drinks after you have taken the Threelac as a hot drink will kill the bacteria in the Threelac.

You anti Candida product should be taken on an empty stomach as well so this can be taken in the evening before your main meal or three to four hours after your main meal. You need your anti fungal product to get into your bowel as well so it can kill the Candida yeast.

Candida die off

If you start a program like this you will almost certainly experience the symptoms of Candida die off. If these become severe you will just need to cut back on your anti fungals and your Threelac. Once your symptoms get more tolerable you can start upping your doses again.

Where to get threelac

The cheapest place I’ve found on the internet to buy Threelac is here. They also offer you other well known products that enhance the effectiveness of the Threelac so you repopulate your intestines a lot faster, and the Threelac becomes a lot stronger in the process.

They also offer you a full money back guarantee.

Just remember to split the times you take your Threelac and your anti fungal treatment, and your candidiasis will be eliminated a lot faster.

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