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Can I Take Monistat After Diflucan

Can I take monistat after diflucan? This is a question I’ve just been asked by a women who is now not in a very good position for curing her yeast infection on her own. The first thing that pops into my mind is, why would you need to use monistat after a course of diflucan?

I know the real answer

I know the real answer is, because I still have my yeast infection, but what you need to find out is why you still have your yeast infection. If your yeast infection has returned after a course of diflucan then you have an underlying cause to your recurrent Candida infection. The Diflucan has already killed all the yeast in your body so something has to of caused it to repopulate.

See your doctor

The first thing you need to do is see your doctor. Your doctor can make sure you have been treating a yeast infection and not another infection. And your doctor can make sure you have no illness or health problem that is causing your yeast infection to become chronic.

What to do next

Once your doctor has ruled out any health problems, and has diagnosed that you have a yeast infection you can then start to cure yourself successfully. This is not going to happen with a tube or anti fungal cream. Your infection has returned because your body is now in a condition that the mutating Candida yeast loves, and it will continue to return after a course of anti fungal cream.

Natural cure

To rid your body of the mutating Candida yeast you need to treat your yeast infection from the inside first. When you treat your yeast infection with a natural cure you strengthen your body to help the treatment rid your body of this fungus.

You need to follow an anti Candida protocol that will…

  • Starve the yeast
  • Kill the yeast
  • Prevent the yeast from returning
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Repopulate your digestive tract with friendly bacteria

All a cream or drug will do is kill the yeast, but it won’t do anything else that your body needs to repair itself and rid itself of the yeast.

Two recommended natural yeast infections cures

You can read more about to of the most successful natural yeast cures on the internet here…

Natural yeast infection cures.

No one needs to suffer from recurrent yeast infections, and no one needs to go down the long road of continually trying every anti fungal product before they eventually cure themselves naturally. Do it now before your infection really effects your internal health.

I hope you cure yourself naturally soon, and you’re not in the 5% of women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

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