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Can I use Monistat And Diflucan

Can I use Monistat and Diflucan? This is a question getting more regularly asked by women who are struggling to cure their yeast infections properly at the first, second, third or forth attempt. For some women the attempts go on for a long time, and yet they still try and cure themselves with the same treatments.

The question shouldn’t can I use? But it should be, why would you need to use them both at the same time?

OTC isn’t working?

Nearly all women suffering from a yeast infection will head straight to the drug store and purchase an OTC anti fungal treatment. For a high percentage of these women it will cure their yeast infection first time. For a small percentage of women the anti fungal cream doesn’t work, and they continue to keep on using it hoping that one day the infection won’t return.

Then they start thinking that if they add an oral anti fungal as well the yeast will have no chance of returning. This is not what happens. To start with if the OTC didn’t work first time then there was a reason that it didn’t. It’s not because it’s wasn’t strong enough, but their was a reason your yeast infection returned.

Resistant yeast infection

While you keep on using the same anti fungal OTC treatment the yeast causing your infection will become resistant to it. This will make it useless even if you use it with an oral anti fungal, so if you feel the need to try an oral anti fungal then it needs to be taken on its own. It also should be taken with the supervision of your doctor or health practitioner.

Oral anti fungals are one dose treatments, and women that are not under supervision will go on to try these treatments on numerous occasions. This will cause the yeast to become resistant to this type of medication as well, which does happen to many women, and they get no help from their doctor either as they’re just prescribed more anti fungals.

Sarah Summer

Sarah Summer was a woman who suffered the fate of taking every medication she could in the hope that the next most powerful anti fungal would cure her chronic yeast infections. She learnt the hard way that once you’re on the slippery slope of continually pumping your body with anti fungals you in fact create a super yeast that becomes impossible to cure with any medicine for the simple fact the yeast can mutate to fight off the drug. When it does this it comes back stronger than before.

Sarah Summer eventually cured herself, but she had to do it after months of research into the way the Candida Albicans yeast lives inside of your body. As soon as she had the correct knowledge she cured herself naturally without the use of any more drugs. And today she has helped tens of thousands of men and women rid themselves of the Candida yeast that was destroying their bodies.

You can find out just how Sarah cured herself and continues to help cure thousands of men and women every year here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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