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Can Yeast Infections Cause Ringworm

Can yeast infections cause ringworm? This is a question commonly asked by yeast infection sufferers who are unfortunate enough to go on and start suffering from ringworm as well.

The short answer to this question is, no, yeast infections don’t cause ringworm, but there could be a reason you’re now suffering from both infections. This is explained below.

Two different fungi

The two infections are caused by two different fungi, and are in no way related. The reason you are suffering from both infections could be related.

Antibiotics use

If you have used antibiotics a lot in the past then your body can now be open to numerous bacterial and fungal infections. Antibiotics kill your body’s natural defenses against these infections, and they also weaken your immune system. Without either of these at the strongest you will suffer from more infections than you should do.

See your doctor

If you are suffering from these infections it’s important you go and see your doctor to rule out any underlying health problems that could be causing a weakened immune system. Once everything has been ruled out you can go about curing both of your infections.

If you’re suffering from scalp ringworm your doctor will prescribe you an oral anti fungal medication that could possibly make your yeast infection worse. Any drug you take can effect your immune system. and any oral anti fungal treatment will upset your body’s natural chemical and bacterial balance.

You cannot take these drugs if your are pregnant, and if you’re a man you can’t take them if you plan on starting a family in the next 6 months. These oral anti fungals are even prescribed to children over the age of 4 which is incredible considering there are natural alternatives that are drug free, and not taken orally.

Natural ringworm cure

You do have the option of taking a natural ringworm cure that is more effective at curing ringworm than any treatment your doctor can prescribe you. It can be used on your skin and scalp, and can be used by all the members of your family. This is important as ringworm is contagious, and can easily spread from one person to the next.

This treatment is also a lot cheaper than any prescription drug saving you money as well. The ringworm treatment is FungRX and you can read customer testimonials and more information about this natural ringworm treatment here.

Curing your yeast infection

Because you’re now suffering from both infections chances are your immune system is weak so you’ll need a natural yeast infection treatment that will strengthen your immune system as well as rid your body of the Candida yeast.

Candidate is a herbal yeast infection cure that will do just that. It combines the power of herbs, and will…

  • Kill the Candida yeast
  • Promote the re-growth of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract
  • Flush toxins from your body
  • Aid your digestion
  • Strengthen your infection fighting immune system

You can read more information on how this herbal yeast infection treatment has helped thousands of men and women here – Candidate herbal yeast infection cure.

If you are suffering from both of these fungal infections then you will be cured soon, even if at the moment you don’t think that it is possible.

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