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Can You Take Diflucan While On Antibiotics

Can you take diflucan while on antibiotics. The answer to this question is, there is no point in taking diflucan while on antibiotics because the antibiotics will kill all the fungus and bacteria in your body anyway. This means that the Diflucan will be useless.

Diflucan and resistant yeast

If you get anything out of using these two powerful drugs together, you could end up with a yeast infection that is resistant to Diflucan. Once you’ve finished your antibiotics the yeast infection that you have will already be getting stronger so it could mutate while you’re attempting to kill it with the diflucan, and instantly become resistant.

Your body’s natural defenses

If you have a yeast infection and you’re taking antibiotics the best thing you can do is start strengthening your body’s natural defenses so you can help to prevent the yeast from infecting you. Taking more anti fungal drugs after your course of antibiotics will only make your infection worse. You can kill the yeast with drugs every day, but if your body can’t naturally prevent the yeast from mutating into an aggressive fungus then you’ll never cure your infection.

As with all yeast infections, once the anti fungal drugs have killed the yeast your body has to naturally prevent the Candida from mutating. We all have Candida in our bodies, but it is our natural defenses that prevent from causing infections.

What you need to do

To prevent a yeast infection happening after a course of antibiotics you need to.

  • Starve the Candida Yeast in your intestines with the correct diet
  • Kill the yeast once it is weakened
  • Repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Cleanse your body of anything that will cause the yeast to mutate

Once you get all these things correct you’ll be able to continue your life without the yeast mutating in your body and causing your infections. Being able to achieve all of the above on your own is almost impossible. You will always have a food in your diet that you don’t realize is feeding the yeast, or you could be on a medication that is contributing to a weakened immune system that allows the yeast to mutate. If you continue to feed the yeast, or continue to do something that is wekening your immune system you will never eliminate the mutated fungus from your body.

Help from an expert

Sarah Summer a yeast infection expert who has probably helped more yeast infection sufferers than any other person on the internet. Sarah will help you do all of the necessary actions to eliminate the mutated yeast from your body, and she’ll also give you one on one support if you need it.

You can read more information about how Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers rid the yeast from their bodies without the need of powerful anti fungal drugs like Diflucan here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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