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Can You Take Probiotics Straight After Antibiotics

I’ve received an email asking, can you take probiotics straight after antibiotics?

The sender of the email didn’t say whether the probiotics were being taken after the pill was taken or after the course of antibiotics was finished. I’ll explain both of these situations.

Straight after the antibiotics pill

Taking probiotics straight after your antibiotics pill will be a pointless exercise. All that will happen is when the antibiotics get to work they will kill the probiotics you have just taken. This will just mean that the probiotics won’t be doing anything to your system so you’ll just be wasting your money.

After the course of antibiotics has finished

When you have finished your course of antibiotics, I can’t recommend enough that you start taking probiotics. Thousands of men and women end up with intestinal yeast problems every month because of antibiotics. Taking probiotics following your course of antibiotics will replenish the friendly bacteria in your intestines so your health will continue as usual, and you won’t suffer from a yeast infection.

Cutting out sugar for a while after your course of antibiotics has finished will give the probiotics an excellent chance of repopulating your intestines as fast as possible. Any sugar in your diet will feed the Candida yeast, and if you feed it enough it could repopulate your intestines at a faster rate than the probiotics.

What probiotics to use

The only probiotics I would recommend are Threelac. Threelac is by far the most advanced probiotic you can buy. It is a micro-encapsulated probiotic that survives the journey past your stomach acid, and gets to the parts of your intestines where it is needed the most.

You can buy your Threelac at wholesale prices from Global Heath Trax here. To get your Threelac at wholesale prices you just need to pay a yearly subscription of $14.95. Global Health trax manufacture many other health supplements that you can purchase at wholesale prices, and these are included in your $14.95 subscription.

Yeast infection prevention

Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, and taking probiotics after your course has finished will prevent you from experiencing a yeast infection. If you’ve suffered from one before you’ll know how unpleasant they are.

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