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Can You Use A Yeast Infection Medication Even If You Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

Using a yeast infection medication when you’re not suffering from a yeast infection is not a good thing to do, and can in fact cause a yeast infection if you’re not suffering from one, or have never suffered from one before.

The vagina is self cleaning

Many women get the idea that using an anti fungal cream will help keep their vagina clean, but the vagina is self cleaning and doesn’t need anything inserted into it to help keep it clean. Even douching with feminine hygiene products is not needed, and can cause you problems as well.

Your vaginas natural bacterial balance

Your vagina has a natural bacterial and chemical balance that keeps yeast infections away. All women have the Candida Albicans yeast living in their vagina, and it is prevented from mutating into an aggressive fungus by the friendly bacteria that lives in there as well.

If you start inserting an anti fungal cream into your vagina you’ll cause the harmless Candida to react, and it will react by mutating to fight against the cream so it can become resistant to it. The chemical balance will also be adjusted so your vagina will become a better place for the fungus to breed in.

Resistant yeast infections

The practice of using yeast infection medication when there is no yeast infection has caused a lot of women to suffer from yeast infections that are resistant to the cream that caused the infection. Resistant yeast infections have become much more popular since they made anti fungal creams available over the counter.

If you continually expose a fungus or bacteria to the same anti fungal or anti bacterial medication it will become resistant so then you need something more powerful to cure the infection you have just caused.

See your doctor first

If for any reason you feel you have a problem with your vagina that you thinks needs something done then you need to see your doctor. Even being too clean can cause an odor from your vagina, but it won’t necessarily be a yeast infection. If you start treating anything yourself without a correct diagnosis you can end up in more trouble than you started with.

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