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Can You Use Monistat 7 On Your Ringworm Infection

We’ve received an email asking, “Can I use my Monistat 7 on ringworm?”

Although monistat 7 is an anti fungal cream it isn’t the correct treatment for ringworm. Monistat produce a product called Monistat Derm which is for fungal skin infections. More important information below.

If you have ringworm and a yeast infection

I’m not sure if the sender of this email was suffering from a yeast infection as well as suffering from ringworm. If she is, then something is causing both of these infections, and just curing the symptoms with another anti fugal cream will not be the answer. She could also start breeding resistant fugus on her body by continually applying the antifungal cream.

If she has both infections then she could be suffering from an underlying health problem which is causing both of the onfections in which case I have advised her to visit her doctor. Suffering from one bacterial infection can be a sign of another problem but to suffer from two infections means something isn’t right.

Your bacterial flora

Suffering from two different bacterial infections can also be a sign that your body’s natural bacterial flora is out of balance, and is favoring bad bacteria. This can be caused by an illness or antibiotics use.

If you’ve been using antibiotics and you’re suffering from both of these bacterial infection or recurrent yeast infections, and your health is good then you almost certainly have a bacterial imbalance. This imbalance in your intestines, vagina and on your skin will need a natural cure that will attack the cause of your infections.

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