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Can You Use Monistat To Test For A Yeast Infection

Can you use monistat to test for a yeast infection? This is a question that often gets asked, and if you’re thinking about using this method to test your yeast infection you should read on.

Other vaginal bacterial infections

The one major health risk associated with testing your vaginal yeast infection with an OTC anti fungal cream is the cream will give relief to the symptoms of other vaginal infections. This relief convinces many women that they have a yeast infection so they continue to use the OTC yeast infection treatment. Once all their symptoms have disappeared they stop the treatment only to have the symptoms return.

This is when a second, third, fourth or more courses of treatment begin. While this treatment is going on, the real infection that isn’t being treated is getting worse, and can soon spread to the reproductive organs where it can cause permanent damage if not treated in time.

Resistant yeast infection

Another side effect of this kind of self diagnosis is the creation of resistant yeast in your body. Continually applying an anti fungal cream will cause the once harmless Candida Albicans yeast to mutate into a fungus that will start to feed on the cells of your body, and you will actually create your own yeast infection.

See your doctor for a diagnosis

The only guaranteed way you can diagnose a yeast infection is to be examined by your doctor. Unfortunately this is an embarrassing procedure for a lot of women, and is the main reason they want a surefire way of self diagnosis. Your doctor will test the bacteria that is causing your infection so you know exactly what infection your have.

Self diagnosis, and overuse of OTC yeast infection treatments has caused a lot of problems for thousands of women who didn’t get themselves correctly diagnosed when they first noticed they had an infection in their vagina. Some of these women go on to have problems for years because the next course of treatment, which is usually antibiotics will further strengthen the resistant yeast they have already created. This kind of yeast infection becomes practically impossible to cure with any medicine that a doctor can prescribe.

There are many good reasons to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor for your vaginal infection, and not one good reason to self diagnose yourself. A few minutes being examined is far better than a lifetime of being infertile because you had another type of vaginal infection.

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