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Can You Use Monistat To Test For A Yeast Infection

Can you use monistat to test for a yeast infection? This is a question someone has just asked me. Monistat is a yeast infection anti fungal medicine, it is in no way to be used as a method of diagnosing a yeast infection.

Other vaginal bacterial infections

The problems that can arise if you use an anti fungal medicine to test if you have a yeast infection are infertility and permanent damage to your reproductive organs.

If you’re suffering from any other vaginal bacterial infection such as…

  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea…

Using an anti fungal cream to test for a yeast infection when you have one of these vaginal bacterial infections will give you false results. The symptoms of any of these infections can disappear when you’re using an OTC yeast infection cure, but they will return as soon as you stop your treatment.

Although the symptoms go when you’re using the treatment the infection is still there, and it will be getting worse. If the vaginal, bacterial infection spreads to your fallopian tubes you could end up with permanent damage to them. This could mean that you can no longer have any children if the infection is not treated in time.

How to test for a yeast infection

The only successful way to test that you are suffering from a yeast infection is to visit your doctor. Even if you have suffered from a yeast infection before you can still get a self diagnosis wrong. Your doctor will test the bacteria/fungus that is causing your infection, and then give you an accurate diagnosis.

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