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Candida Cleanser

A good Candida cleanser will do more for you than just kill your Candida overgrowth. Products that just kill your overgrowth are no different than prescription drugs in the fact that just killing bacteria and fungus is not enough.

Candida and your immune system

Candida loves a weakened immune system so for any Candida cleanse to be successful you need a product that will strengthen your immune system. You can cleanse the Candida from your body every day, but if you have a weakened immune system the Candida will just return because your body has no natural defense to prevent it from returning after the cleanse. It will also come back stronger, and ready for the next cleanse.

Any Candida drugs that companies will tell you will cleanse your body of Candida and yeast infections will just weaken your immune system. They play havoc with your body’s chemical and bacterial balance, and over time create a perfect breeding ground in your intestines for an internal yeast infection.

Herbal Candida cleansers

Herbal Candida cleansers do the exact opposite to any drug you can buy on the internet or get over the counter. They help your body heal itself so you no longer have to rely on any medicines or drugs for your infections. This stops the Candida mutating and becoming stronger.

Herbs that cleanse Candida

Herbs that cleanse Candida are…

  • Lemon grass
  • Pot marigold
  • Pau d’arco bark

You can purchase these herbs online, and if you get the balance of them correct, and manage to purchase these herbs in good quality, easily absorbable forms you will successfully cure your yeast infections.

The perfect balance of these herbs will encourage the re-growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract. They will also flush your system of the toxins that the Candida puts into your blood.

The perfect balance of the Candida cleansing herbs

If you don’t want to waste time and money creating the perfect balance of these herbs, and looking for highly absorbable forms, you can easily purchase them already created.

Candidate is a herbal Candida cleanser that contains these herbs in a proprietary blend tincture. This tincture is FDA compliant and has helped tens of thousands of Candida overgrowth sufferers successfully rid their body’s of the Candida yeast. You can read more information on this herbal Candida cure here – Candidate herbal Candida cleanse. You will also read more testimonials like this one…

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