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Candida Cure Using Bentonite Clay

Great Plains Bentonite - 16 oz

Someone’s emailed us asking if you can cure your yeast infection using bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a great product for detoxing but on it’s own will not cure a yeast infection.

Candida die off

If you’re suffering from Candida die off then bentonite clay can be mixed with psyllium husks to make a bowel detoxing drink. Bentonite clay attracts toxins as it moves through your bowel. The toxins in your bowel are what cause the Candida die off symptoms.

Negative charge in bentonite

When you mix the bentonite clay liquid or powder with the psyllium husks always use a plastic spoon or fork. Bentonite has electrical charge that it uses to attract the toxins in your body. If you use a metal spoon or fork to mix your drink you will eliminate the electrical charge.

Bentonite clay is negatively charged, and the toxins in your bowel are positively charged, and this is what causes the attraction. It works just like a magnet sucking the toxins from the walls of your bowels.

Always use psyllium with bentonite clay

Many people have found that bentonite clay on it’s own can make them constipated, so it’s advised to use the psyllium husk with the bentonite to keep everything moving. The last thing you need during a Candida die off period is constipation. This will just leave the toxins that the bentonite has attracted in your bowel only to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Your anti Candida protocol

Bentonite is a welcome addition to any anti Candida protocol, but using it as the only part of your anti Candida protocol you won’t have much success.

What you need for your detoxing drink

The items below are from the same company. Just click on one link then use the search on the web site for the second product if you need them both.
You can get your liquid bentonite clay here

You can get your psyllium seed husks here – Powder, 1 lbs

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