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Candidiasis And Your Intestines

A yeast infection of your intestines is commonly known as candidiasis. It is an infection caused by the mutated Candida yeast, and is a lot more difficult to cure than a vaginal yeast infection.

What candidiasis dose to your intestines

Once the Candida yeast has mutated it grows rhizoids ( hooks ) that will allow the Candida to get hold of the walls of your intestines. Once these hooks are in your intestines the Candida yeast will then continually release toxins while they are attached to your intestines.

Leaky gut syndrome

After a while the Candida will perforate your intestines which is a condition known as leaky gut syndrome. At this point of your infection the toxins being released by the Candida will now be entering your bloodstream. And apart from the toxins, tiny food particles also enter your bloodstream.

The leaky gut syndrome causes your health to deteriorate, and you’ll start experiencing the symptoms that are associated with your concentration, and aching muscles and joints. The toxins start attacking your internal organs like your brain, which gives you symptoms like a foggy brain and a shorter concentration span. And your liver is overburdened with the toxins, and you’ll start experiencing energy problems as your body has more toxins flowing through it than healthy blood cells.

Your intestines are now absorbing toxins regularly

Your intestines are now absorbing toxins instead of the vitamins and minerals from your food. Not only that, but your food cannot be digested properly because the bacterial flora in your intestines is too out of balance. Friendly bacteria are needed by your intestines to digest your food properly, and this is why candidiasis sufferers have symptoms like indigestion, bloatedness, stomach cramps and constipation.

Prescription drugs

When you’re body is in this state there are no prescription drugs that can help you. All drugs will do is kill all the bacteria and fungus, and leave your body in a better condition for the Candida yeast to start repopulating your intestines again. When the drugs kill all the bacteria there are no friendly bacteria to fight of the repopulating Candida. These drugs can’t heal your intestines either, and they can’t get the toxins out of your blood.

Holistic, natural healing

If you’re suffering from a yeast infection of the intestines you can only heal yourself naturally. You need to…

  • Find the real cause of your candidiasis
  • Starve the Candida yeast
  • Re-balance your intestinal flora
  • Heal your intestines
  • Cleanse your blood

All these can only be done naturally, there is no drug on this planet that can do any of these jobs. This is why drugs like antibiotics are the biggest cause of candidiasis and vaginal yeast infections.

Two excellent ebooks

Two excellent ebooks that will help you cure your candidiasis and keep it away for good are…

These are two excellent pieces of information that are filled with years of research. They have an excellent strike rate at curing an infection most women feel ( because no drugs have worked ) will never be cured.

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