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Candisil Review

This Candisil review is to tell you about a yeast infection treatment that has a capsule to treat you internally, and a spray for treating you externally.

Candisil capsule

The capsule in your Candisil treatment is a proprietary herbal blend. These herbs have been used for centuries to combat yeast infections. This capsule has been created to kill the Candida in your system without upsetting your natural PH balance.

Why you need the Candisil capsule

Although a yeast infection will normally only show symptoms externally the Candida yeast can be upsetting your naturally bacterial balance internally. The Candida yeast can be taking over your intestines, and then the yeast infection naturally spreads to your vagina.

The Candisil spray

The Candisil spray is to kill your yeast infection externally. It’s applied to the area of the infection, and will start to kill the Candida, and relieve your symptoms immediately. This can take anywhere from 12 hours to 5 days before you notice your symptoms improving.


Many women ask “Does Candisil work?” You only have to read the testimonials here to see that it does. If it doesn’t you have a 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee is their for your confidence in handing over your money for this product. If you’re at the stage where everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked, you know if this doesn’t it hasn’t cost you anything.

Success rate

Candisil has a 97% success rate, and has been used by over 50,000 women in the last 5 years.


As Candisil isn’t a probiotic after you have finished the treatment you should replenish you beneficial bacteria with a good probiotic. Threelac is an excellent probiotic that survives your digestive system to get where your body needs it most.

With these 2 products in your arsenal against yeast infections you should stay yeast infection free for good.

You can order Candisil online here.

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