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Curing A Yeast Infection Without Antibiotics

Curing a yeast infection without antibiotics is something many women look for online every day. The disturbing thing with this is, where have these women been given the advice that antibiotics actually cure a yeast infection. This anti bacterial drug is now the biggest cause of yeast infections, and yet misinformation like this is spread […]

Taken Antibiotics And Still Have A Yeast Infection

If you’ve taken antibiotics and still have a yeast infection there’s a very good reason for that. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, but for some reason this still doesn’t stop women from purchasing them online to cure their fungal infection. And in some unexplainable cases, it doesn’t stop doctor’s prescribing them for […]

What Antibiotics To Cure A Yeast Infection

A lot of women ask, what antibiotics to cure a yeast infection? This is usually when they have exhausted all of their prescription anti fungal drugs, and are desperately seeking another type of cure. Antibiotics are not a cure for a yeast infection, and not one person on this planet has ever successfully cured Candida […]

Antibiotics Haven’t Cured My Yeast Infection

Because of the ease in which women can now purchase antibiotics online more and more are now attempting to use them to cure their yeast infections. Drug companies now make millions of dollars every year just from people purchasing drugs they don’t need, especially antibiotics. The biggest cause of yeast infections Antibiotics are now the […]

Can I Take Diflucan To Prevent A Yeast Infection While Taking Antibiotics

Taking a powerful anti fungal drug like diflucan to prevent a yeast infection while you’re on antibiotics will only cause a more aggressive infection. The yeast will be stronger than usual because of the exposure to all of the anti bacterial/fungal drugs you’ll have in your body. Yeast lives naturally in the human body, and […]

What Antibiotics Cure Yeast Infections

Many women ask the question “What antibiotics cure yeast infections?” The truth is, antibiotics are now the biggest cause of vaginal and intestinal yeast infections because of the effects they have on the human body. Your beneficial bacteria When you take a course of antibiotics for any infection they kill all of the bacteria in […]

A Yeast Infection After Taking Antibiotics

A yeast infection when, or after taking antibiotics is a problem for women that is becoming more common all the time. There are two main reasons why antibiotics cause yeast infections, and they’re explained below. Your friendly bacteria During a course of antibiotics your body’s population of friendly bacteria are killed off along with the […]

Yeast Infection After Surgery

A yeast infection after surgery is something that is getting more common now. The reason for this is the antibiotics that get prescribed after your surgery. This unfortunately is a course of antibiotics that is given for a real reason, but antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, and that is why yeast infections […]

Curing A Yeast Infection Caused By Antibiotics

Curing a yeast infection caused by antibiotics is probably one of the toughest types of yeast infections to cure. Antibiotics make a couple of serious changes in your body as well as cure the infection they were prescribed for. Your friendly bacteria While antibiotics kill the bacteria that they were prescribed for they also kill […]

Which Antibiotics Can Give You A Yeast Infection

A common question is, which antibiotics can give you a yeast infection? The simple answer to this is, in the right individual, any antibiotic can give you a yeast infection. It doesn’t matter which type it is as they all do the same things to your body. Your natural intestinal flora Antibiotics are prescribed by […]