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Can You Use Fiber To Cure a Yeast Infection

Someone has asked, “Can you use fiber to cure a yeast infection?” Fiber plays an important role in your anti Candida protocol but it won’t cure a yeast infection. Fiber is used as a bulking agent so you eliminate the toxins in your bowel more regularly. This is a must during the die off period. […]

How To Survive Yeast Die Off

I was asked yesterday “How to survive yeast die off?” I think this lady was suffering from some heavy Candida die off as she said her die off symptoms were worse than the yeast infection itself. Why you get Candida die off Candida die off is caused by the toxins released by the dead Candida […]

Candida Cure Using Bentonite Clay

Someone’s emailed us asking if you can cure your yeast infection using bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a great product for detoxing but on it’s own will not cure a yeast infection. Candida die off If you’re suffering from Candida die off then bentonite clay can be mixed with psyllium husks to make a bowel […]

Candida Die Off And Liver Pain

I got an email recently from someone telling me they were experiencing candida die off and liver pain, and asked if the two were connected in any way. Liver and detox When someone has Candida overgrowth the liver is already put under some strain with the toxins already being released by the mutated Candida. This […]

Candida Die Off Symptoms

Any good anti fungal program or good quality probiotic will give you Candida die off symptoms. These symptoms are a sign that the Candida is being killed. What the symptoms are not What the symptoms are not are a sign that your yeast infection/candidiasis is getting worse. Many people think this because the symptoms are […]