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Candida Cure

If you’re searching for a Candida cure then I can only assume you’re a;ready tried the yeast infection cures that you get at your local drugs store, and they haven’t cured your Candida infection. These treatments work quite well for most sufferers, but if your Candida overgrowth goes beyond your vagina then you really need […]

Curing Candida – You Don’t Need To Suffer For Ever

Curing Candida can become a nightmare for a lot of women. Most women are taking anti fungal drugs for months before they realize that they are never going to cure their yeast infection with the treatments they have been using. 5% of women suffer from chronic yeast infections, and as a result they have to […]

Candida Free Diet

A Candida free diet is the first part of completely eliminating the Candida yeast from your body. There are certain Candida diet guidelines you have to stick too, and these are the foundation of your health getting back to the way it was, and all of your symptoms disappearing. Your anti candida diet An anti […]

Why You Need To Rid Your Body Of Candida Yeast

Here’s a list of reasons why you need to rid your body of the mutated Candida yeast… The mutated Candida destroy body cells. When the Candia has infected you, whether it’s on your skin, inside your vagina, or inside your intestines it will start to feed on the cells of your body. This cell damage […]

Candida Cleanser

A good Candida cleanser will do more for you than just kill your Candida overgrowth. Products that just kill your overgrowth are no different than prescription drugs in the fact that just killing bacteria and fungus is not enough. Candida and your immune system Candida loves a weakened immune system so for any Candida cleanse […]

Natural Candida Cures

I often get asked, what is a good quality natural Candida cure? With so many natural Candida cures available now it is hard to decide which ones work, and which don’t What you need in your natural Candida cure What makes a natural cure successful is the way it helps your body heal itself from […]

Your Anti Candida Diet

As I mentioned in my last post, the weather is warming up nicely, and this always gives me more incentive to start looking at my own anti Candida diet. Healthy salads Salads are a great addition to anyones diet in the warmer weather, and they are perfect for an anti Candida diet as well. Salads […]

Candida Saliva Test

A Candida saliva test is the easiest way to see if you have an overgrowth in your digestive tract of the Candida Albicans yeast. When to perform the Candida saliva test The only time you should perform the Candida saliva test is first thing in the morning. This is before you put anything in your […]

Candida Albicans On Your Skin

You have Candida albicans on your skin all the time. It lives in the mucosal membranes of your mouth, intestines and vaginal tract (if you’re a woman reading this ). It’s only when your body is compromised in some way that the usually harmless Candida will mutate into it’s fungal form. This can be after […]

What is Candida

What is Candida? This is a question I’ve seen commonly asked while researching on the internet. Candida is what usually is a harmless yeast that lives inside and outside every one of us. This includes your…   Gastro-intestinal tract Mouth Skin How does it get out of control A perfectly healthy body will have no […]