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What is a yeast infection

What is a yeast infection? A yeast infection is a bacterial infection most commonly found inside of a woman’s vagina. In fact 75% of women will have one yeast infection during their life. 50% of women will have two infections, and 5% of women will suffer from recurrent yeast infections. To have more of your […]

Candidiasis And Your Intestines

A yeast infection of your intestines is commonly known as candidiasis. It is an infection caused by the mutated Candida yeast, and is a lot more difficult to cure than a vaginal yeast infection. What candidiasis dose to your intestines Once the Candida yeast has mutated it grows rhizoids ( hooks ) that will allow […]

Just A Post For Inspiration

It’s been a few days since I posted, and I’ve been meaning to post but I’ve been busy. Since I cured my Yeast infection and candidiasis I have so much energy mentally and physically I’ve created a few projects that I’m now working on. Blog and ebook I remember when I barely had enough energy […]

How Can A Yeast Infection Get Worse?

“How can a yeast infection get worse?” That is a common question that we see come up from time to time. Many women suffer from recurrent yeast infections that get progressively worse. 5% of women unfortunately will suffer from recurrent yeast infections, which is a lot of women, millions of women. The yeast infection isn’t […]

If Your Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away

A lady emailed me recently telling me her yeast infection won’t go away. So many women are in this position, 5% of women suffer from chronic yeast infections at one time in their life. See your doctor If you’re one of these 5% then I strongly recommend that you go and see your doctor to […]

What Happens When You Keep Your Yeast Infection Too Long

Someone asked me the other day, “What happens when you keep a yeast infection too long?” Depending on where you have this person has their yeast infection will produce different symptoms. But the most important question is not what happens, but why have they had their yeast infection for too long? If you’re taking any […]

How To Get Rid Of Candida In The Bowel

I’m often asked “How to get rid of Candida in the bowel?” The hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide who are suffering from candidiasis would have better health and wellbeing if this was easy to achieve. The severity of the candidiasis Depending on how severe your candidiasis is, and how long you have […]

Candidiasis And Diabetes

Candidiasis and diabetes are two health issues that go together quite regularly. Diabetes lowers your immune system, and then your body becomes a better host for the Candida yeast when your sugar levels are being raised. Your sugar levels When you have diabetes it is important to keep regular checks on your sugar levels. Candida […]

Candidiasis test

A home candidiasis test can be performed in a couple of different ways. The first is a simple question and answer test. If you’re suffering from the symptoms commonly associated with the Candida Albicans yeast, and you answer yes to most of these questions then you have a good chance your symptoms are related to […]

Cutaneous candidiasis

Cutaneous candidiasis is a fungal infection of the skin caused by the Candida yeast. Most people have Candida living on their skin it’s just when something else in or on your body is compromised that the usually harmless Candida is allowed to mutate into it’s fungal form. This form of yeast infection can effect any […]