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How Long Does It Take To Cure Chronic Candida

I get asked a lot, how long does it take to cure chronic Candida? There is no specific time limit When it comes to curing your chronic Candida infection there is no time limit. It will be different for everyone. There are many factors that contribute to the length of time that you can cure […]

I’m Taking Antibiotics And Suffering From Chronic Yeast Infections

I hear from lots of women telling me that they’re taking antibiotics and suffering from chronic yeast infections. Some of these women are taking the antibiotics for another infection, and shockingly, some are taking the antibiotics in an attempt to cure their chronic yeast infections. What are chronic yeast infections A chronic yeast infection is […]

Recurring Yeast Infections In Women

Recurring yeast infections in women are not just a problem that create uncomfortable symptoms every day. A recurrent infection can be a sign that your body is not functioning internally at an optimal level. If you happen to be suffering from frequent yeast infections then you’re not on your own. Five percent of women suffer […]

Chronic Yeast Infection Cures

Chronic yeast infection cures are natural remedies that treat your infections from the root cause. You already know by now that anti fungal drugs are not in any curing your infection, and that is because they don’t treat your infection from the cause, they just kill fungus. Mutating Candida Your infection is a result of […]

Chronic Yeast Infections And What They Do To You And Why They Need Treatment

Chronic yeast infections are more than just an itchy vagina than needs an OTC anti fungal cream to stop your aggravating symptoms. When a yeast infection keeps coming back it’s usually a sign of that something isn’t right with another part of your health. Yeast feeding on your body When you’re suffering from a yeast […]

Do OTC Anti Fungal Treatments Cure All Yeast Infections

Do OTC anti fungal drugs and medicines cure all yeast infections? The simple answer to this question is no. And in more and more cases these OTC yeast infection treatments are making yeast infections worse. The reason for this is these cures don’t attack the causes of yeast infections, and they don’t re-balance the bacteria […]

Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections

Thousands of women are suffering from chronic vaginal yeast infections at any one time. For many women just one yeast infection is an unpleasant experience, but to suffer from chronic yeasts infections can bring about a bad time in someone’s life. The reason a yeast infection becomes chronic is the fact that the infection is […]

Home Remedy For Chronic Yeast Infections

A home remedy for chronic yeast infections is an affordable way to rebuild the health of your vagina. The constant abuse of anti fungal yeast infection creams is now part of the problem of recurrent vaginal yeast infections. The chemical and bacterial balance in your vagina has been destroyed, and you need to reverse the […]

Causes Of Chronic Yeast Infections

Chronic yeast infections are now causing problems for 5% of women worldwide. If you’re suffering from recurrent yeast infections I can guarantee you’re not alone in your misery. The good news is there is a definite cause of your chronic yeast infections, and once you have discovered this you can successfully cure yourself naturally. Over […]

I Keep Gettting Candida Infections, Is It Just Me?

I Keep Getting Candida Infections, Is It Just Me? If you keep getting yeast infections you’re not suffering alone. 5% of women will suffer from recurrent/chronic yeast infectionsat some time in their life, and most of them don’t know why. And to make matters no better their doctor doesn’t know why either. The light at […]