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Using Monistat When You Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

Using Monistat when you don’t have a yeast infection? If you are then you’re joining the small percentage of women who think that using anti fungal drugs in their vagina is healthy. It’s easy to purchase Monistat now, but this powerful anti fungal cream should never be used without the guidance of a doctor or […]

Monistat Didn’t Work On My Yeast Infection

There a re a couple of reasons why Monistat didn’t work for your yeast infection. Monistat is an anti fungal cream that should only be used under the guidance of your doctor. A lot of women now purchase it without using any help then they run into problems later. Using Monistat correctly Monistat comes in […]

Can You Use Miconazole While On Antibiotics

Can you use Miconazole ( brand name Monistat ) while on antibiotics? You can if you want to, but this is not the way to prevent a yeast infection while you’re on antibiotics. Only your body’s natural defenses can do that. Any drugs you take or creams you apply will just create a yeast infection […]

How Often Can You Use Monistat

How often can you use Monistat? You should only need to use a yeast infection cream for one course of treatment. These creams aren’t supposed to be used regularly, and you shouldn’t need to use them regularly. Resistant Candida If you use anti fungal creams on a regular basis you will create a yeast infection […]

Can Monistat Cause A Yeast Infection

Can Monistat cause a yeast infections? Monistat can cause a yeast infection, and it can make a yeast infection worse if it is not used correctly. How does Monistat cause a yeast infection Women now cause more yeast infections than ever because Monistat is available over the counter, and it doesn’t require a prescription. This […]

Why You Should See Your Doctor Before You Use Monistat

There are very good reasons why you should see your doctor before you use Monistat, and they are explained for you below. Monistat is by far the most popular yeast infection treatment that is available over the counter. Because it is available over the counter the use of it has been abused, and now more […]

Creams Are Making My Yeast Infection Worse

There are a few reasons why OTC creams can make your yeast infection and its symptoms worse. OTC yeast infection treatments are powerful anti fungal drugs that should only be used under the supervision of your doctor or health practitioner. The availability of them without prescription has meant the use of them has now been […]

Can You Use A Yeast Infection Medication Even If You Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

Using a yeast infection medication when you’re not suffering from a yeast infection is not a good thing to do, and can in fact cause a yeast infection if you’re not suffering from one, or have never suffered from one before. The vagina is self cleaning Many women get the idea that using an anti […]

Monistat Or Diflucan

A lot of women ask what to use for their yeast infection, Monistat or Diflucan? The only person that can answer this question is your doctor. Your doctor will have your complete medical history so he/she will know what treatment is the best for you to use. If you’re taking other medicines or drugs already […]

After Using Monistat How Long To cure Your Yeast Infection

After taking Monistat your yeast infection should be cured within 7 days. This is the case no matter what Monistat you use for your infection. If it hasn’t worked for you please don’t purchse another course of treatment until you have read the article below. Monistat 1 Monistat 1 is a one time application that […]