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Treating Reoccuring Yeast Infections

Treating reoccuring yeast infections can become a nightmare for many women. This is especially the case for you if you don’t fully understand yeast infections, and also have no idea why you have your infections in the first place. Once you understand both of these you’ll be well on your way to curing your Candida […]

My Vaginal Yeast Infection Is Worse After Treatment

A women has told us that her vaginal yeast infection is worse after her treatment. She then asks, what can I do now? See your doctor If you’ve tried a prescription anti fungal medication and your yeast infection is now worse it’s important that you go back to your doctor. And it’s more important to […]

Why Do Yeast Infections Keep Recurring?

I was asked recently, “Why do yeast infections keep recurring?” This question gets asked more often all the time because more women are now suffering from recurrent yeast infections than they used too. Your only treating the yeast infection symptoms The main cause why a yeast infection will become recurrent/chronic is the treatment you’re using […]

My Yeast Infection Following A Course Of Antibiotics Is Still There

My yeast infection following a course of antibiotics is still there. This is something I here very often from people all over the world. No one is ever educated before hand on what antibiotics can do to their body, and the difficulty they can have curing themselves afterwards. Why does this happen Antibiotics are usually […]

Can A Recurring Yeast Infection Cause Problems To Your Body

Someone has asked, “Can a recurring yeast infection cause problems to your body?” The recurring yeast infection won’t cause any problems to your body, the recurrent yeast infection is a sign there is already a problem with your health. I’ll explain. Health problem A recurring yeast infection can be a sign that you are experiencing […]

If I Use Monistat Will My Yeast Infection Come Back

Someone has emailed in asking, “If I use monistat will my yeast infection come back?” There can be a few reasons that your yeast infection will return after a course of monistat which I will cover below. Follow the instructions to the letter If you decide to treat your yeast infection with monistat it’s important […]

Recurrent Yeast Infections

I’ve been contacted by Linda ( not her real name ) who has been suffering from recurrent yeast infections for 4 years. Linda hasn’t been suffering in silience either, she has seen numerous doctors that have all agreed she has a vaginal yeast infection, and nothing else seems to be wrong with her. Antibiotics Linda […]

Do You Get Constipation With A Yeast Infection

Someone has asked, “Do you get constipation with a yeast infection?” Constipation is one of the symptoms that is associated with an intestinal yeast infection. Constipation, however, is not a way to diagnose a yeast infection. Intestinal bacteria If your intestinal bacteria is out of balance this can cause constipation as well as a yeast […]

My Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back

My yeast infection keeps coming back. This is something I hear almost everyday. And this is something that more and more women are suffering with all the time. The reasons why this can happen There are a couple of good and popular reasons why women are suffering from recurrent yeast infections. The most popular reason […]

When To Start Taking Monistat With Antibiotics

A woman has asked, “When do I start taking my monistat with my antibiotics?” This is by, for me, one of the most disturbing questions I’ve been asked about curing candidiasis. Lethal cocktail I’ve emailed this woman straight back basically telling her that she needs another approach to curing her yeast infection and candidiasis. She […]