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Can You Take Probiotics Straight After Antibiotics

I’ve received an email asking, can you take probiotics straight after antibiotics? The sender of the email didn’t say whether the probiotics were being taken after the pill was taken or after the course of antibiotics was finished. I’ll explain both of these situations. Straight after the antibiotics pill Taking probiotics straight after your antibiotics […]

My Probiotics Aren’t Working

My probiotics aren’t working is a comment frequently sent in. Almost all women use probiotics to help cure their yeast infection, especially if they have Candida overgrowth in their intestines. Probiotics speed up the process in which your body kills of the Candida yeast, and then gets your intestinal flora back to a perfect balance. […]

How Can I Tell If Threelac Is Working

We’ve been very busy lately, and getting out and enjoying the sun. That’s why the blog hasn’t been updated for a few days, or it only feels like a few days. A lady contacted us asking “How do I know if Threelac is working?” Threelac die off One way you will tell if Threelac is […]

Discount Threelac

Since I cured myself of systemic candidiasis it’s been mine and my husbands goal to help as many women worldwide cure themselves naturally from yeast infections/candidiasis. The biggest part of my anti Candida protocol was Threelac, and you can now get it at a discount straight from the manufacturer. For a yearly subscription if just […]

Threelac Candida Supplement

Today I completed my Threelac Candida supplement Squidoo lens. It gives you everything you need to know about Threelac. You will learn… How to take Threelac How to enhance the strength Threelac What Threelac does for you And more If you find the lens informative you can rate it if you feel it deserves it. […]

Can I Take Anti Candida Products With Threelac

I got an email from a lady today asking me, “Can I take anti Candida products with threelac?” The answer is yes. But not at the same time of the day. Taking your anti Candida product at the same time as the Threelac will kill the beneficial bacteria before it has got into your bowel. […]

Threelac is causing die off symptoms

Every so often we here from someone saying their Threelac is causing die off symptoms, or their yeast infection symptoms are getting worse. What is really happening When these women/men experience these symptoms they are assuming this is because the Threelac is making their yeast infection/candidiasis worse. These symptoms are in reality a sign that […]

Best Probiotic Supplement

We often get asked what the best probiotic supplement is, and our answer is always Threelac. Why Threelac Threelac has three strains of friendly bacteria that are tough enough to survive the digestion process, and get themselves to where you body needs them the most. They then attach themselves to the walls of your intestines, […]

Probiotic Benefits

There are a number of probiotic benefits apart from naturally treating a yeast infection. The friendly, beneficial bacteria in probiotic supplements do a lot more for your system than just help fight off the Candida yeast and other micro-organisms. Digestion Probiotics help you digest your food much easier. This then leads to you absorbing more […]

Threelac review

This Threelac review is for those of you who have a yeast infection that want to repopulate your digestive tract with a strong strain of friendly bacteria. Threelac is a probiotic supplement that was used in Japan for years before it came over to the USA. Threelac is very effective at getting the friendly, live […]