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I’m Overwhelmed With My Yeast Infection Blog

After I cured my recurrent yeast infections I always wanted to give back what I had learnt. I always knew there were tens of thousands of other women in the world suffering the same as I was. What I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming success that I’ve been having with this blog. The emails I […]

What Happens If A Yeast Infection Is Left Untreated

I’ve seen a question asked many times and that is, “What happens if a yeast infection is not treated?” It will get worse The main reason to start treating a yeast infection is to stop it getting worse, which will happen if it is left untreated. A yeast infection is caused by The Candida yeast […]

Fun Food Health And Inspiration

This is just a quick post really. I discovered today our blog got a mention on another blog in one of there posts. It makes everything all worthwhile when other blog masters recognize your work. Fun, food, health and inspiration The blog is called Go Smell The Flowers, and is a blog about fun, food, […]

Exercise During Your Candidiasis Recovery Phase

Now the weather is warming up I can go out for bicycle rides again. There was a time though, when I simply couldn’t manage to do this form of exercise that I love doing on warm mornings. Candidiasis made me too lethargic When I was suffering from my recurrent yeast infections, and was suffering severe […]