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Recurring Yeast Infections And Urinary Tract Infections

I’ve heard from a woman who is now suffering from recurring yeast infections and urinary tract infections. When this happens to someone they usually think that taking more antibiotics is the answer. The thing is it’s the antibiotics that are now causing the recurrent bacterial and fungal infections. Antibiotics and your body Antibiotics are now […]

Do Yeast infections Cause Urinary Tract Infections

“Do yeast infections cause urinary tract infections? This is a question usually asked by women who… Aren’t sure of what bacterial infection they really have Who don’t know the cause of their infection Or who’s body’s are in such bad condition they are open to more than one bacterial infection Yeast infections and urinary tract […]

Can You Get Lower Back Pain From A Yeast Infection

Can you get lower back pain from a yeast infection? Lower back pain is not a symptom of a vaginal yeast infection. I’ll explain below. Your kidney area Your kidneys are located in your lower back area so any lower back pain while you’re suffering from an infection could be a sign of a kidney […]

If You Have An Intestinal Yeast Infection And Back Pain

A women has asked for advice, saying that she has an intestinal yeast infection, and now has back pain. If you’re are suffering from back pain as well as suffering from an intestinal yeast infection please read the advice below. Urinary tract infections Back pain when you’re suffering from a bacterial infection, especially if it’s […]