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What Is Yeast Die Off

If you’re suffering from yeast overgrowth in your intestines, and you’re fortunate enough to use a successful anti Candia protocol there’s a good chance you’ll suffer from yeast die off. Yeast die off is a series of symptoms that you suffer from when the dead yeast is passing through your intestines, and the toxins released […]

Why Does Your Body Make Yeast

Why does your body make yeast?The Candida Albicans yeast lives in us all naturally, it’s only when something in your body is compromised that the Candida yeast is allowed to mutate. More on this below. A medication you have been taking The Candida yeast can mutate after or during a course of medication. The biggest […]

Yeast Infection Frequently Asked Questions

I’m getting so many questions asked time and time again that I’ve created a yeast infection FAQs page on my main site. I’ve answered these questions as in depth as possible so you can then take what you learn and use that knowledge so that it suits you the best. Everyone is different so the […]

How Does Yeast Get Into Your Intestines

Many people ask how the Candida yeast has got into their intestines. This is common in people who suffer from recurrent yeast infections, and also suffer from other symptoms including… Brain fog Lethargy Bloating Indigestion Aching muscles Aching joints Concentration problems And many more Candida lives in your intestines all the time The answer to […]