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How Long Do Yeast Infection Symptoms Last

A regular question from yeast infection sufferers is, “How long do yeast infection symptoms last?” This is a question asked by ( mainly ) women that fall into two categories. The first category is women who after applying treatment for more than a few days are still not finding any relief ( more on that […]

What Can The Candida Yeast Do To Your Body

What can the Candida yeast do to your body? What is the Candida fungus Candida albicans lives in all of us naturally from a very early age. When your body’s natural defenses are compromised in some way this usually harmless and under control yeast is allowed to mutate into a more aggressive form. This aggressive […]

After Treatment,How Long Is It Before Your Symptoms Go Away

Another question first time yeast infection sufferers ask is, “After my treatment, how long is it before the symptoms go away?” What treatment are you using? There is no correct answer for this question as all treatments work differently. If your using a natural yeast infection cure you can expect to feel results within 12 […]

Yeast Infection Pictures And Photos

Many yeast infection sufferers come to this blog in search of yeast infection pictures and photos. As much as I like to teach you about the Candida yeast and how destructive it can be I can’t bring myself to post pictures on this blog. Too graphic I’ve put a link at the bottom of this […]

If It Isn’t A Yeast Infection Then What Is It

A lady has sent an email in asking “If it isn’t a yeast infection, what is it?” Only your doctor can tell you The first thing I advised this lady to do ( and any one reading who is in this situation ) was go and see her/your doctor immediately. If anyone suspects that their […]

Extreme Vaginal Itching

Someone mentioned the other day that she had no other symptoms except extreme vaginal itching. While this is a yeast infection symptom, asking someone through an e-mail conversation is no way of a correct diagnosis. Always see your doctor You will notice that throughout this blog and in my “Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally” ebook […]

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