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Chronic Ringworm And A Yeast Infection

If you’re suffering from chronic ringworm and a yeast infection then both of these infections could have the same cause.

Although they’re both different infections caused by different fungi they both may have been allowed to mutate for the same reasons.

Antibiotic use

Antibiotic use could have caused both of these strains of fungi to infect you. Your body’s natural bacterial balance could have been upset by the antibiotics, and even more so if you have used antibiotics over prolonged periods of time.

As well as upsetting your body’s natural flora, continual antibiotic use can make the infection causing bacteria and fungus resistant to the antibiotics. Once resistant, it becomes much harder to cure yourself from these infections.

Your immune system

A weak immune system could allow both of these infections to start. You need a strong immune system to fight fungal infections as well as a good bacterial balance. Prescription drugs like steroids and chorister can suppress your immune system.

Antibiotics also weaken your immune system, and your body can start feeling the need to rely on them to fight infections. This makes it more difficult for your body to naturally fight off bacterial infections.

See your doctor

It’s important that you see your doctor so you can be fully tested so you have a correct diagnosis, and also see what medication you are taking. Your doctor may be able to put you on a different medication so you can start curing yourself.

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