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Chronic Yeast Infections And What They Do To You And Why They Need Treatment

Chronic yeast infections are more than just an itchy vagina than needs an OTC anti fungal cream to stop your aggravating symptoms. When a yeast infection keeps coming back it’s usually a sign of that something isn’t right with another part of your health.

Yeast feeding on your body

When you’re suffering from a yeast infection you have a mutated yeast ( that is now a fungus ) feeding on your body. This is what causes the itching and the burning. If you have the mutated yeast feeding on you then something is allowing it to do so. Fungus doesn’t start infecting you for no reason, a natural defense in your body has to be compromised to allow the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate.

Everyone has Candida living in them, but it is kept under control by friendly bacteria and your immune system.

Resistant yeast

What most women don’t understand either is continually treating chronic yeast infections with the same anti fungal cream will create resistant yeast. When you keep doing this all that happens is the yeast is made stronger instead of being killed off. Just killing the yeast doesn’t cure an infection it just removes the symptoms. To cure a yeast infection you must stop the harmless Candida yeast mutating in your body, and to do this you need to find out the cause of your infections.


Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, and if you’ve taken them in the past then they could have started your chronic infections. Antibiotics kill off your friendly bacteria that you have living in and on your body. These bacteria keep the Candida Albicans yeast under control.

Your friendly bacteria are also important for keeping your immune system strong, and a weakened immune system can allow the yeast to mutate.

Underlying health condition

An underlying health condition or illness can also create an environment in your body that fungus likes to live in. Diabetes is a health condition that causes recurrent yeast infections so if you’re suffering and you haven’t had a check up at your doctors yet it would be a good time to see them.

Untreated diabetes can lead to complications with your health later so it’s a condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you don’t treat it ( some people never go to see their doctor for anything ) it can lead to…

  • Blindness
  • Having a stroke
  • Kidney damage
  • Poor blood circulation that can lead to amputation

These are extreme examples, but a quick visit to your doctor can rule anything out so you know your health is good.

Treating chronic yeast infections

Chronic yeast infections require treating the cause of the infection as well as the infection. Once you have discovered the cause you will never need to suffer from a yeast infection again. Everyone can strengthen all of their body’s natural defenses against yeast providing they aren’t suffering from an incurable illness that is seriously weakening their immune system.

You need to attack the fungus from every angle so it can no longer survive in your body, and then you’ll get your health back to how it once was. If you’re suffering from other symptoms such as digestive problems, lethargy, head aches or aching muscles, they are all related to the yeast overgrowth you have in your body.

Expert help

Getting expert help is easy, and it can be your’s within 30 minutes. Sarah Summer has created a program that completely eliminates the mutated yeast from your body, and Sarah has already helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers worldwide with her anti Candida protocol.

You can read more information about Sarah Summer’s Natural Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections here.

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