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Chronic Yeast Infections

Up to 5% of women are suffering from chronic yeast infections at any one time. Having one yeast infection is an unpleasant, and unexpected experience, but to suffer continuously for some time can make a women’s life unbearable.

Why conventional treatments fail to work

Suffering from chronic yeast infections means that conventional over the counter anti fungal treatments like monistat fail to cure the yeast infection. And while this treatment isn’t working but is still being applied the Candida yeast in the vagina, it is becoming resistant to the cream.

If you’re in this position now then this treatment will also not work if you get any yeast infections in years to come because the yeast infections that you get will be of stronger strains.

Beyond your doctors help

Your doctor when trying to help you can only prescribe more anti-fungals. Your yeast infection, already more powerful has the chance to get become resistant to another treatment. If you are being prescribed oral anti-fungals then the yeast in your intestines has something to become resistant to.

Doctors can only prescribe anti-fungals which kill all the bacteria in your body. This then gives the Candida a better chance of repopulating your vagina and intestines when the treatment stops. Doctors are unable to help you with repopulating your intestines, and helping you heal your intestinal walls that have been damaged by the chronic yeast infections.

Curing your yeast infection naturally

All women have to resort to getting information from books and the internet at this point. Once they start suffering from more of the symptoms associated with yeast infections/candidiasis the information they need becomes easier to find.

A Naturopath can also help you if you have one in your area. A Naturopath will be able to help you with any intestinal problems a lot better than a doctor can. Natural remedies are by far the best option when it comes to your intestinal health. Pumping more drugs and prescription medicines into your system will mostly start to make things worse.

See your doctor

You should see your doctor so you know there is no other medical reason that you are getting chronic yeast infections. Diabetes and HIV/AIDS are a couple of serious reasons why you can be getting chronic yeast infections.

Once everything has been ruled out then the most popular reason for recurrent yeast infections is a Candida overgrowth in your intestines. While you’re treating the symptoms of your vaginal yeast infection the infection just comes back once the treatment stops because of the overgrowth in your intestines.

At this stage you need to starve the Candida with an anti Candida diet, kill the Candida with natural anti fungals that are rotated so no resistance is created. While your doing this protocol you need to repopulate your intestines with a high quality probiotic like Threelac.

Have patience

This self treatment will last as long as it needs to. There is no time limit as it’s different for everyone depending on how severe the candidiasis is. You just need patience, and the more you stick to the program the healthier you will become a lot sooner.

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