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Creams Are Making My Yeast Infection Worse

There are a few reasons why OTC creams can make your yeast infection and its symptoms worse. OTC yeast infection treatments are powerful anti fungal drugs that should only be used under the supervision of your doctor or health practitioner. The availability of them without prescription has meant the use of them has now been abused, and women naturally assume that they’re harmless, when they can in fact cause serious problems.

Allergic reaction

The most common reason for symptoms of a yeast infection getting worse after an anti fungal cream is applied is an allergic reaction to the cream. This is caused by the active ingredient in the OTC cream which is usually Miconazole. It can cause burning, and if you’re suffering from burning then you need to stop using the cream and see your doctor as soon as possible for an alternative treatment.

The burning won’t go away unless you stop your treatment, and to continue using the cream can become extremely painful and may cause damage to the lining of your vagina.

Resistant yeast

Another reason for your symptoms to get worse is the yeast that is infecting your vagina is resistant the the treatment. Every time you expose the yeast to the cream it will mutate into a stronger yeast so it can easily fight it off next time you use it. This usually happens if you’ve used the cream a lot in the past, or haven’t used it properly for the full course of treatment.

This is why it’s so important to only use this yeast infection treatment under the supervision of your doctor, and it’s important that you ask your doctor if it’s safe to stop using the cream. A lot of women will stop using the cream when their symptoms disappear, but this doesn’t mean the yeast has been killed off. If it hasn’t, when it re-infects you it will be a stronger, mutated fungus.

You don’t have a yeast infection

Some women self diagnose their symptoms and start treating themselves with an OTC yeast cream, but they don’t have a yeast infection. The cream will ease the symptoms of another infection while you’re using it, but as soon as you stop the treatment the symptoms of the untreated infection will return, and they will be worse.

Getting a correct diagnosis from your doctor before you start using any anti fungal treatments is very important. If you have another infection the yeast cream will not cure it, and this could lead to you causing permanent damage to your internal or reproductive organs.

Other alternatives

If you’re suffering from a yeast infection and OTC treatments no longer work then you can cure your infection naturally. When you cure your infection naturally you cure it from the cause of the infection which is something OTC creams don’t do.

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