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Curing A Yeast Infection Without Antibiotics

Curing a yeast infection without antibiotics is something many women look for online every day. The disturbing thing with this is, where have these women been given the advice that antibiotics actually cure a yeast infection. This anti bacterial drug is now the biggest cause of yeast infections, and yet misinformation like this is spread over the internet every day. If you have fungus breeding in your body the last thing you need to be taking is antibiotics.

Why antibiotics cause yeast infections

You have a natural bacterial balance in your body that has good and bad bacteria and yeast in it. When you take anti bacterial drugs they don’t just kill the bad bacteria, they kill the friendly bacteria as well, and when these are killed off that’s when you start suffering from a yeast infection.

The reason you’re suffering from a yeast infection at the moment is because the yeast and fungus in your body is outnumbering the friendly bacteria.

What happens next

When the friendly bacteria in your body has been killed the yeast starts growing in numbers. When it outnumbers the good bacteria it gets stronger and then it mutates into fungus. It’s this fungus that is causing your symptoms, and you have the fungus in your intestine as well as in your vagina.

If you were to take a course of antibiotics in the hope that they would cure your yeast infection they would just destroy the friendly bacteria in your body even more. Then your infection would get worse.

What you can do

If you’ve already tried other anti fungal drugs and they haven’t worked then you can use alternative treatments that are far more effective at eliminating fungus from your body. You’ll learn everything there is to know about how the fungus is breeding in your body so you can eliminate it completely, and then you can get your good health back. Fungus doesn’t just cause itching, it destroys your good health from the inside.

Sarah Summer has helped sufferers who were in the same position as you, and they have now completely eliminated the fungus from their body, and got their good health and energy back. You can read more about how Sarah can help you at Natural Yeast Cure. When you’ve eliminated the fungus from your body, send Sarah a testimonial so she can help even more sufferers just like you.

Get well soon.

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