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Diet for a Candida yeast infection

A diet for a Candida yeast infection is a diet that is sugar free and yeast free. Depending on how severe the Candidiasis is in your digestive tract will determine how strict your sugar and yeast free diet should be.

That includes fruit

Foods to eliminate in your sugar free diet will include all kinds of sugars and sweeteners, and if necessary fruit. Many women carry on enjoying their fruit not realizing that the sugar in the fruit is feeding the Candida fungal infection.

Fruit has a multitude of health benefits for almost every human being but to those of you who have a severe Candida overgrowth in your digestive tract.

Many women who just have a vaginal yeast infection will clear their symptoms just by adding an live yogurt every day to their diet for a Candida yeast infection.


If your new anti Candida diet is the first time you’ll be cutting sugar out of your diet you will need to self motivate yourself at some point. When your body’s sugar levels drop when you first eliminate the sugar from your diet you could start to feel worse depending on how muchsugar you used to eat.

Once your body’s natural sugar levels do level themselves out then you will start to feel a lot better. Your health will improve and your energy levels will be higher than they were before. You’ll start to lose weight, and your liver will start to function better. You will be glad you changed your diet, and then stuck to it.

How did you get the Candida yeast infection

Depending on how you got your yeast infection is a guide to what changes you need to make in your diet. If you have just finished a course of antibiotics then the chances are that you have the yeast infection spreading from your digestive tract.

If this is the case then you will need to starve the candida with a sugar free diet.

Yeast based foods

Yeast based foods such as bread, cookies and cakes should be avoided as well. Most bread is filled with refined carbohydrates and this turns to sugar in your digestive tract, and then feeds the Candida.

A safe sweetener for you to use

Probably the only sweetener you can use during your diet for a Candida yeast infection is stevia. This can be purchased online or from your local health food store. It’s 15 times more sweeter than sugar, and doesn’t fill your body with empty calories, and feed for your Candidiasis like sugar does.

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