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Diflucan Double Or Triple Dose

If you’re thinking of using a Diflucan double or triple dose then you need to think about what you’re actually doing. If a single dose of Flucoanzole hasn’t cured your infection. then doubling or trebling your dose is not going to make any difference. The reason why this anti fungal drug hasn’t cured your infection is because it only kills fungus, and doesn’t prevent future infections. I’ll explain.

Your body has an organism in it called Candida Albicans. This is a yeast that lives in you all the time, and it has been living in your body your life. What is happening now is the yeast is mutating into a fungus, and that fungus is causing your symptoms. When you kill the fungus with a course of Diflucan the yeast in your body just mutates into more fungus once your treatment stops. So the drug is only treating your symptoms and is not treating the cause of your infection.

If you want to start treating the cause of your infection then visit Natural Yeast Cure where you’ll be given the knowledge to strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that you prevent any more infections. They will stop for good once you understand how the fungus is breeding in your body.

Your body’s natural defenses

Your body has natural defenses that have been protecting you all your life. They have now been compromised in some way, with the most common reason being the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill off your body’s good bacteria, and they also weaken your immune system. This leaves the Candida yeast in your body an easy task of multiplying and then mutating.

Once you give your body the strength it once had your infections will stop, and the Candida yeast will go on living harmlessly in your body.

Getting expert help

If you’re going to cure a yeast infection that is already resistant to Fluconazole then it’s best to get expert help. You have a fungus in your body that you are continuously feeding, and if you keep on feeding it then you’ll never cure your infection. Sarah Summer has helped over 100,000 sufferers worldwide completely eliminate fungus from their whole body. You won’t just be removing it from your vagina as this will just leave your infection to comes back.

You can read more information about how Sarah Summer can help you at Natural Yeast Cure. Fungus will completely destroy your good health if you leave it in your body to feed on you.

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