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If Diflucan Makes Your Yeast Infection Worse

There are a few reasons why Diflucan will make your yeast infection worse which are explained in this article. Diflucan is an oral anti fungal treatment that has the active ingredient fluconazole which is the part of this treatment that kills the fungus. This type of cure for a yeast infection is not always a good idea.

Resistant yeast

One reason why the Fluconazole didn’t cure your yeast infection is the yeast is resistant to the treatment. You may have used this anti fungal treatment before, and now the strain of Candida Albicans that live in you body have built up a resistance to the anti fungal active ingredient. This can also happen if you have used the treatment before without the guidance of your doctor, and you haven’t used it properly, either too much or not enough.

Easy online availability

Fluconazole is easily available online now so many women will buy it and use it as freely as they think they need to without realizing what it is doing to their body. This product along with many other anti fungal creams and oral treatments should only be used with professional supervision. The companies that prodvide these products won’t tell you this because they are only interested in your money, and notyour health. If it doesn’t work first time they know you’ll be back for another course of treatment. Oral anti fungals that are not used correctly can cause health problems that take weeks, months, and on rare occasions years to reverse.

Every time you use a treatment that doesn’t work it will make the strain of yeast that is infecting you stronger. The yeast is now an aggressive fungus, and fungi will adapt to their environment so they can survive easier, and this includes environments that are created to kill them.

Your friendly bacteria

Your body has a colony of friendly bacteria that keep infection causing bacteria and fungus under control, and they are also important for keeping you immune system strong. If your levels are low and that is why you have your yeast infection then killing the fungus won’t make any difference to your infection. All that will happen is the yeast will re-infect you when you stop your treatment, and it will be a stronger strain of yeast because it has already been exposed to anti fungal drugs.

The cause of your yeast infection

To successfully cure your yeast infection you have to attack it from the root cause. Anti fungal drugs just treat the symptoms, and will never work unless you discover the cause of your infection first.

What you can do

If you have failed to cure your yeast infection with oral anti fungal drugs then you need professional help. Your doctor can help you but all he/she will do is keep prescribing you more anti fungal drugs that will just strengthen the yeast that is infecting you.

Getting help from someone who has extensive knowledge of yeast infections is easy. Sarah Summer is a health writer, and a one time chronic yeast infection sufferer who was once in the same position as you. She was continually prescribed oral anti fungals until in the end, her doctor told her she had a yeast infection that couldn’t be cured.

Sarah cured her yeast infection without any drugs after she researched every bit of information she could on this destructive fungus. You now have access to this knowledge and you can find out more information about it here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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