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Discount Threelac

Since I cured myself of systemic candidiasis it’s been mine and my husbands goal to help as many women worldwide cure themselves naturally from yeast infections/candidiasis. The biggest part of my anti Candida protocol was Threelac, and you can now get it at a discount straight from the manufacturer.

For a yearly subscription if just $14.95 you can get your threelac at wholesale prices straight from Global Health Trax, the makers of Threelac. This is a very good offer, and you can also get many other products that can help you in your battle with the Candida yeast.

You will get your Threelac for just $47.95 with your subscription. There’s $5.95 postage and packing on all orders under $100.

Being able to offer you this opportunity is a big part of our helping other women ( and men ) like you, cure yourself of your yeast infection/candidiasis.

Business opportunity

If you like Threelac as much as we do then Global Health Trax can offer you a business opportunity where you can offer products like Threelac to yeast infection sufferers. They provide you with everything you need to get your business up and running for $39.95 a year. That includes…


  • 3 web sites
  • Turnkey online business
  • Wholesale pricing
  • And a lot more

Our excitement

We can’t express how excited we are about this, and are just amazed at the minute about how many women we are helping rid themselves of their yeast infection. What started out as something personal – as I was only looking for a cure myself – has expanded beyond what we could have ever imagined.

We hope we have helped you in some way, now, and in the future.

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