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Do Yeast Infections Make Your Stomach Grow

Someone asked me the other day “Do yeast infections make your stomach grow? This might seem an incredible question to some people, but the question itself can mean a number of things…


  • The woman that asked the question has a yeast infection, and her stomach is growing
  • Her sugar cravings are so bad that they are causing weight gain
  • She has become very bloated
  • The woman that asked the question has seriously been misinformed about yeast infections


If we assume the first scenario then the most probable reason for her stomach growing is she’s pregnant. Many women get a yeast infection during pregnancy due to the stresses and strains of carrying the little one inside of her.

Also your hormones can play up during pregnancy which can bring on a yeast infection. Changing hormone levels can trigger elevated sugar levels so the body becomes a better host for the Candida yeast.

Candidiasis and sugar cravings

Candidiasis can cause sugar cravings because the yeast overgrowth in the intestines. Sugar is the Candida yeast’s favorite food so the overgrowth causes the person with the infection to have sugar cravings.

Eating the extra sugar that you’re craving, and eating will cause an increase in your weight but this will be all over your body, and not just pinpointed to the stomach area.

Gastro intestinal problems

One Symptom of a yeast infection is bloatedness. This can be caused by the Candida yeast causing a bacterial imbalance in the intestines that leads to a lot of wind. In saying this, someone should be able to tell if their stomach is growing or they have wind.


Misinformation is common on the internet. Public forums are the worst for this type of information. People will say anything on them even if they know it’s not the right information.

If you do ever use a public forum to find out about yeast infections always use one that is regularly monitored by admins that have plenty of knowledge of yeast infections/candidiasis.

My advice for this woman

This woman definitely needs to speak to her doctor. I assume she is asking a question like that because she hasn’t yet.

First she needs to find out if she has a yeast infection, and she also needs to find out if she is pregnant. The longer she holds off seeing her doctor the more chance she has of complications later on.

I will always advise anyone to see their doctor first for any type of diagnosis. Once you know you have a yeast infection you can then treat it how you want to.

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