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Do You Get Constipation With A Yeast Infection

Someone has asked, “Do you get constipation with a yeast infection?”

Constipation is one of the symptoms that is associated with an intestinal yeast infection. Constipation, however, is not a way to diagnose a yeast infection.

Intestinal bacteria

If your intestinal bacteria is out of balance this can cause constipation as well as a yeast infection. Your intestines need beneficial bacteria to function at there best. This is important if you are suffering from an intestinal yeast infection as the Candida yeast enjoys a slower moving bowel. Constipation leaves toxins in your bowel longer for the Candida to feed on.

Recurrent yeast infections

If your suffering from recurrent yeast infections, and you have constipation you are almost certainly suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. And it will only get worse until you start an anti Candida protocol, and get your bowels moving more regularly.

If you just have constipation

If you are experiencing constipation with no other symptoms that relate to a yeast infection then you probably don’t have one. People with constipation will suffer from other symptoms due to the toxins being absorbed from the bowel back into the bloodstream. The most common symptoms is headaches and feeling lethargic.

Adding Psyllium husks to your diet will help your bowels move faster without the side effects of taking laxatives.

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