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Do You Need Antibiotics To Cure A Yeast Infection


We received an email asking “Do you need antibiotics to cure a yeast infection?”

With antibiotics being the number one cause of yeast infections, the answer to that question is no.

Antibiotics are too good

Antibiotics are too good at killing bacteria. They kill the beneficial bacteria that you need in your digestive system to fight off the Candida yeast.

Our modern diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates feed the Candida so it repopulates your digestive tract faster then the beneficial bacteria. This then allows the Candida yeast to mutate as it has nothing to fight it off.

Antibiotics are prescribed for so many infections now that yeast infections are becoming more popular. If someone does start taking antibiotics to cure their yeast infection it will only make it worse. When the yeast infection then becomes recurrent it will be harder to cure as the Candida that re infects your vagina and digestive tract will be stronger than the strain that was killed.

This is why their are so many supperbugs in hospitals now because of the widespread use of antibiotics. Bacteria and funguses learn to adapt to their surroundings, and that includes defending themselves against the weapons we use to kill them.

Avoid antibiotics if you can

If it’s at all possible you should avoid taking antibiotics. Many people go to there doctors with a throat infection, and than they end up with recurrent yeast infections after their prescribed course of antibiotics has finished.

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